Daoist Name part two

Following the teaching of master Chóng Wěi Wáng 崇伟王 about the 道名 daoist name, in the 全真派 quán zhēn pài, the quanzhen school, in particular, in the 龙门Lóng mén branch, we use a poem of 100 words to mark the generation name. This is the first name the master use to mark is 徒弟 Túdì generation, all his disciple will have this first name.
龙 门 百 字 碑
Lóng mén bǎi zì bēi

The second name is given by the master in relation with the nature of the disciple, his or her way in life, like a special gift that qualifying the person.

For example: 景威

景jǐng: scenery, view: is the 32th word of the poem. It is the 32 th generation, so my master is 世shì (黄世真Huáng shì zhēn), the 31th generation, the 31th word of the poem.
威wēi: powerful; dominate: is the adjective qualifying my person as my master see me in that moment or as he want to qualifying my way in the daoism.

Daoist Reverend Jǐng wēi dào zháng 景威道长