Daoist Medicinal Core Theory

The core component of Daoist medicinal theory is “vital essence, qi, spirit”. Daoist medicine is based on Daoism’s cultivation and refinement of form and spirit to recover energy lost in the course of living, the practical exploration of bringing about the restoration of health through oneself, integrating Man’s “vital essence, qi, spirit” as its core component theory, with Daoist cosmology, views on Man and Heaven, views on nature, views on body and mind, putting forth Daoist medicine’s own opinion.

Daoist medicine deems that “vital essence, qi, spirit” of the human body is received from Heaven, it is also the matrix of all things, the birth of the myriad things all arise from thus, it’s one and the same with the Dao that Laozi spoke of, all things come into being because of it, and die because they lose it, Daoist medicine regard it as the three articles of superior medicine, obtain it and one’s body will be healthy.

Translated by Wang Chongwei 王崇伟

[Note: this text represents the vision of master Wang Chongwei 王崇伟 on Daoist medicine.]