How to differentiate Meditation and Still Sitting?

What is the difference between Still Sitting and Meditation? The highest level in Still Sitting is complete tranquility, meditation’s lowest level is complete tranquility, this is the difference between the two.

A lot of what we now call meditation, cannot even be counted as Still Sitting, those that are in accordance with bearing and in accordance with the methods, are slightly better, slightly higher in skill, can only be considered as Still Sitting.

When all “external views do not enter, internal views do not arise”, breathing ceases, pulse stops, this is the beginning of mediation.

What meditation seeks is in that direction.

Still Sitting is to seek stillness, it cannot be called mediation.

There are also people who confuse Daoism’s “building the foundation” with Qì gōng 气功, the difference between the two is also here, the highest level in Qì gōng 气功 is complete tranquility, For Daoism’s “building the foundation” the lowest starting point is complete tranquility, this is the essence of the difference between the two.

武当 Wǔ dāng mountain famous Daoist Physician, Daoist Reverend 王泰科Wáng tài kē.

The “Fifteen Discourses on Establishing the Teachings” was established by the 重阳 Chóng yáng Patriarch when he established the 全真 Quán zhēn School, these fifteen discourses were established to begin the lineage of the 全真 Quán zhēn School, these are also the foundation that establishes the school. The Seventh Discourse discusses meditation. Mediation, is not about sitting with the body erect, with the eyes closed. True mediation, requires that throughout the whole day, walking standing sitting lying-in every state, in all activities, that the heart-mind (心xīn)be like Mount 泰山 Tài shān , unmovable unshakable, mastery over the four gates, the eyes, ears, mouth and nose, not allowing the external world to enter. If there is even the slightest trace of a thought in one’s activities, that is not Still Sitting.

Translated by 王崇伟Wáng chóng wěi.

Presented photo: Daoist Reverend 胡玮哲Hú wěi zhé during meditation.