To attain immortality following the principles of Dào, cultivate living while maintaining physical and mental health. Part 3.

景威道长-得道子 全真龙门派三十二代。 道醫生。 墨西哥道教协会会长。 墨西哥道教养生学院院长。 Our life on earth is a momentary process compared to our spiritual existence, just as the master 莊子 Zhuāng zi says, we must look after every moment of our presence, conserve the original vital essence 元精yuán jīng that was given to us, just like the butcher takes care of his […]

To attain immortality following the principles of Dào, cultivate living while maintaining physical and mental health. Part 2.

景威道长-得道子 全真龙门派三十二代。 道醫生。 墨西哥道教协会会长。 墨西哥道教养生学院院长。 The three analogous aspects of internal pathogenic factors (emotions) can cause great damages: 1- Causing direct injuries to the five major anatomical structures. Too violent emotions, stimuli which provokes these emotions to be persistent or different stimuli provoking a wide range of emotional responses, these processes cause damages to the […]

Taoist Title

Taoist title, refers to the honorific of a Taoist Priest. Generally Taoist titles are mostly so and so Zi or Priest so and so, Recluse so and so, the carefree so and so etc. There are also honorific titles and posthumous titles that are given by worshippers and later generations. For example Chunyangzi, Priest Xuancheng, […]

Daoist Name part two

Following the teaching of master Chóng Wěi Wáng 崇伟王 about the 道名 daoist name, in the 全真派 quán zhēn pài, the quanzhen school, in particular, in the 龙门Lóng mén branch, we use a poem of 100 words to mark the generation name. This is the first name the master use to mark is 徒弟 Túdì […]

Taoist Name

Taoist name is the name which is given in accordance to the school’s generation name after a Taoist is initiated. It primarily refers to the name which is specially given to one who has been initiated into Taoism. Unlike Taoist titles, generally Taoist names have two characters, and it is styled following the respective school’s […]

El Título Daoísta

No existe diferencia entre géneros en el Daoísmo.  Los nombres se basan en los intereses personales que adopta el individuo.  Generalmente lleva “Zi” (子) (una forma para maestro), también se puede prescindir del Zi, pero en principio no hay diferencia de género.  Cuando se trata de títulos sagrados de los dioses e inmortales, a los […]

El Nombre Daoísta parte 2

En relación a las enseñanzas del maestro Chóng Wěi Wáng 崇伟王, acerca del nombre Daoísta 道名; en la escuela Quanzhen, la 全真派 Quán zhēn pài y más en particular la rama 龙门 Lóng mén, nosotros utilizamos un poema de 100 palabras para remarcar el nombre de cada generación.  Siendo este el nombre que el maestro […]

El Nombre Daoísta

El nombre Daoísta (Dào míng 道名) es el nombre otorgado de acuerdo al lugar en el linaje de cada escuela después de que el Daoísta es iniciado. Principalmente se refiere al nombre especialmente otorgado a aquel que ha sido iniciado en el Daoísmo. Contrario a los títulos Daoístas ( 道号 Dào hào), generalmente los nombres […]

What is Taoism’s Spiritual Core?

What is called Taoism: One being Tao, the way of self cultivation, the pursuit of the utmost Tao; Two being to teach, enlightening all disciples and the people of the world, the pursuit of the utmost good. The core of Taoist thought is self deliverance and delivering others, self deliverance is the precondition for delivering […]