Ceremony of presentation of new disciples

Under the reigning peaceful and humid atmosphere, after a night of rich rain, the 11th day of the 8th moon 八月 of 2016 the Bing Shēn  丙 申 year, at Mexico’s eternal spring temple 长春 Chǎng Chūn a simple yet emotional event took place; the introduction of new non religious disciples, wishful of understanding and following the precepts and rules suggested in Daoism more and more closely. The ceremony was held by the temples Abbot 景威道长 Jǐng Wēi Dào Zháng assisted by his closest disciples 荣灵 Róng Líng, 荣道, Róng Dào, and 荣真 Róng Zhēn. Subtly, joyfully and always guided by the rules marked for this type of ceremony the abbot made the preparations early in the morning. The process by which the 5 new apprentices where to be recognized by the heavens started up with a face and hands clean up in order to entry the temple, place where they where received by their master, who had previously designated the specific spot for each one of them, quietly and respectfully they saluted. Incense was lighted in dedication to the saints and immortals of the temple.


In between rhythmic sounds in the style of the ceremonies, he (the abbot) read some of the sacred texts in their original language and prayed for the opening of the heavens and the support of the saints.


Given the right time, 景威道长 Jǐng Wēi Dào Zháng, performed calligraphies on special sheets in which he wrote the names of the new disciples, which where placed inside burnable envelopes that where given to each one of them, they where lighted one by one so that through the elevation of the smoke their messages, petitions and wishes reach the heavens to be observed and recognized. Afterwards, 景威道长 Jǐng Wēi Dào Zháng gently took a sit and summoned each one of his new disciples explaining with a bigger detail the meaning of their new names and making an emphasis on the mission established for each one of them, he gave them some important precepts that they are to keep, analyze and live with in their future path.


From left to right:
Róng Rén 荣韧, Róng Qiáng 荣强, Róng Yí 荣 意, Róng Shàn 荣善 y Róng Jiāo 荣交.

At the closure of the ceremony each disciple offered incense to the saints and masters of the temple, followed by all the guests attending to this festivity. After the ceremony all the people gathered here happily congratulated the new disciples for this huge step towards the taking of consciousness.