Good news from China!

It’s impossible for me to hide the great joy I get by writing this lines and they mean to inform you of a lovely new: a green light has been announced for our beloved master and abbot of Mexico’s eternal spring temple 长春 Chǎng Chūn, 景威道长 Jǐng Wēi Dào Zháng, to take part of the “great vows of daoism” ceremony, allowing him to become one of the first foreigners (non Chinese) to whom this gesture has been concealed, making an even bigger emphasis on the commitment and sacrifice for they who decide to take the great vows.

At this precise moment, 景威道长 Jǐng Wēi Dào Zháng and many other priests are performing daily ceremonies, which start usually at 5:30 in the morning and finish after sunset. To live the temple is forbidden for them. Public access to the temple will be not granted for a period of 28 days, this to prevent the ceremonies to be affected or disturbed.


Sorrounded by a peacefull atmosphere , 景威道长 Jǐng Wēi Dào Zháng meditates at the 吕洞宾 Lǚ Dòngbīn temple door.


Master 景威道长 Jǐng Wēi Dào Zháng at a meeting with fellow priests before the ceremony  gets started.


Master 景威道长 Jǐng Wēi Dào Zháng and other priests getting all the arrangements ready for the great ceremony


Daoist priests being watched bye one of the synodal examiners (holding the yellow cane). Synodal examiners are to watch and correct (if needed) each one of the priests taking the vows. The priests are told before the ceremony that synodal examiners are never to be argued with, on the contrary they are allowed to use the yellow cane in order to correct them.


Master 景威道长 Jǐng Wēi Dào Zháng being interviwed on this visit to China


The 3 foreigner (non Chinese) priests and a fellow priestess companion.