Revolving around the Supreme Celestial

Revolving around the Supreme Celestial is Taoism’s method of walking mediation, on important festivals the crowds of devotees walk around temple’s great hall, or walking around the image of the patriarchs. According to research, walking around the Supreme Celestial was created by the immortal Qiū (邱真人) (i.e. Patriarch Qiūchù jī (邱处机)). Walking around the Supreme Celestial is also walking in circles, walk three circles changing direction from Yīn-Yáng fish’s (i.e. Tài jí(太极) diagram) S line. When walking the circles it is a must to recite the sacred title of the Supreme Celestial, during the day recite “Supreme Celestial of Universal Manifestations at a Clap of Thunder” (léishēng pǔ huā tiānzûn “雷声普化天尊”), during the night recite “Supreme Celestial Tài yǐ who Delivers from Suffering” (tài yǐ jiù kǔ tiānzūn “太乙救苦天尊”), with ritual event’s the main deity as focus.


Beijing Baiyunguan The Most High Lord Lao’s Birthday revolving around the Supreme Celestial

The Supreme Celestial’s sacred title: Supreme Celestial of Kai Huang the last stage Aeon.

Complied and translated by Wang Chongwei 王崇伟