To attain immortality following the principles of Dào, cultivate living while maintaining physical and mental health. Part 1.


Our passage through earth should allow us to understand our origin, a fundamental philosophical concept that helps us conceive the reason behind the perfection of our organism. Using our brain capacity to stimulate our consciousness lessens the distance between our earthly existence and the ethereal presence of our spirit. Materialize oneself in this bodily structure to achieve eating, talking, reproducing, making money or exercising power over others would be to develop an insignificant process in front of our mind’s capacity, wasting the life’s process that was gifted to us by heaven. Therefore, it is essential to protect and cultivate our human existence to progress in our own consciousness. Many beings observe our way of existence with admiration and longing, awaiting to reach this state, in turn to raise their consciousness.

From birth to death, the material envelope of our body conveys two concepts that are given away by the great Dào. The principle of life 命 mìng and the nature of our being 性 xìng are the two presents conferred by the former heaven.

These precious gifts allow the development of our life, defining our legacy’s destiny, consequently, cultivating our being, 修行 xiū xíng, is to delve into the knowledge of these two notions, thus returning to the origin: 归元 guī yuán, acquiring understanding, obtaining the Dào 得道dé dào. Many practitioners of Dào dedicate their lives to this task, maintain an iron discipline, an asceticism that leads to a moral and spiritual perfection. If this principle can be maintained without hesitation, then this vision can be conceived.

One can imagine that the people´s individual spirit is a minimal fraction of the original spirit 元神 yuán shén, therefore, it receives all the tools to complete its evolution cycle, although, the active practice of material life often distorts our intention. Nowadays, modern society, based on materialism, does not allow us to visualize our true function in life, we transform ourselves into engineers, doctors, salesmen, everything society needs to keep selling, creating, destroying our environment and forgetting the ancestral functions of humans. The human beings cease to belong to their native communities, losing their cultural roots and becoming individualistic; As they are induced towards consumerism, they have no interest in researching the spiritual being. But this process entails a loss of the desires interpretation, people gets carried away by their emotions, disharmonizing their heart-mind. This fact causes diseases, it is well-known in the 道醫dào yī daoist medicine, they are called: disturbing emotions 七情qī qíng and are mental processes that affect our quality of life. But if we begin a «self-observation» study, summarizing the meaning of this concept as “a scrupulous analysis of all our mind’s reactions to the daily life banal and extraordinary events”, it is possible to recognize our psychic path and change or reduce the way our being replies to the environmental aggressions or onslaught.

 They represent the internal movement of the individual’s physiological responses to external stimuli. Diseases resulting from those emotional disorders can disrupt the function of the different main and complementary anatomical structures, consequently disturbances in the blood and energy circulation may occur.

To be continued…

Written by Hervé Louchouarn